Monday, 1 November 2010

Fun in Frome

Mr Treasure and I had a fabulous day out in Frome on Saturday. It was most fortuitous that my birthday weekend coincided with the very first Vintage Bazaar, so I had no problem deciding where I'd like to go for a special day out!

Lucy Bloom

The first thing that struck me on walking into The Vintage Bazaar was just how many stalls there were. It was wall-to-wall vintage - absolutely heavenly! There were lots of people there too and a lovely throng of excited chatter filled the air.

Blue Zinnia Vintage

Sarah had lots of gorgeous fabrics and trimmings to choose from. I added to my collection of rick rack and also bought a pretty piece of vintage patchwork.

Sal's Snippets

It's all I could do to stop myself from buying Sal's entire stock! I bought some 1940s fabrics from Sal at the Vintage and Handmade Textile Fair that I haven't used yet, so I'm thinking it would be a good idea to get cracking on a project so I can buy some more the next time I see her!

Lucy Bloom

Dairy House Antiques

There's something so appealing about threads on wooden much nicer than plastic!

Daisy Darling

Clare's hats are so stylish.

The Vintage Magpie

I love Nicky's bears and bunnies, they're so full of character!

Donna Flower

It's always fabulous to catch up with the dynamic duo that are Donna and Aileen! Donna's selection of fabrics are just fabulous...and she had some rather nice new twines and ribbons that I might just have to treat myself to one of these days.

After I'd made sure (several times!) that I hadn't missed anything at the Fair, Mr Treasure and I wandered into the middle of Frome in search of the vintage shops that Denise had told me all about.

Imagine my delight when we found Catherine Hill - a whole street of vintage shops! This shop was my favourite. I found a whole basket of vintage printers' blocks tucked under a table in here and spent a happy time sorting out which ones were going to have to come home with me!

Everywhere we turned there was another shop bursting with vintage treasure.

Luckily for Mr Treasure we only had half an hour left on the parking by the time we headed into town or I think I'd have been in rummaging in these shops for the rest of the day!

I've heard and read so much about Millie Moon, it was great to actually be able to pay a visit. It's jam-packed with gorgeous fabrics and trimmings!

I was rather taken with the pattern on this vintage dress.

Here's are my spoils from The Vintage Bazaar.

One of the things I've had on my 'Wish List' for a long time has been a Sylvac rabbit. I was so thrilled when Mr Treasure bought this little chap for me (from Lucy Bloom)!

One of the lovely things about fairs such as The Vintage Bazaar is that everyone's always so friendly and chatty. I was so touched when Debbie (of Pots and Pansies Gardenalia) gave me one of the gorgeous potted pansies she had on her stall when she found out it was my birthday. It was a lovely surprise and now has pride of place on our kitchen windowsill.

Three cheers for Lizzie and Clare for organising such a fabulous fair...I can't wait for the next one!


Sarah said...

We went to the Bazaar too! I really enjoyed myself and indulged in some retail therapy! I'm a bit disappointed as I didn't know about a whole street of vintage shops otherwise I would have been straight there!x

Country Cottage Chic said...

So nice to see you there Katie! Tamzin & I found the vintage shops too & a nice little cafe for a snack.

Looking forward to having you at the V&H on the 28th!