Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Vintage and Handmade Fun

Last Saturday saw me heading off to Chipping Sodbury for the Spring Handmade and Vintage Fair. As always, it was a great day...a little quieter than usual, but lots of fun none the less. Here's my stall.

I went for a slightly different look this time and gave my newly acquired Colman's starch box centre stage. With the Jubilee celebrations just around the corner, I also bought some new bunting for decoration.

Amongst the things I was selling on Sarturday were a collection of vintage first aid dressings and the like. Some of them date from the Second World War, when their previous owner was a volunteer fireman. I also found this suitcase recently, complete with wonderful Cunard labels. I was rather sad to see it sold, but where would I be if I kept all of my stock?!

There was definitely a patriotic theme to Saturday's fair...even the cakes joined in!


I had Mummy Treasure as my willing assistant on Saturday so I managed to escape from behind my stall at various points for a look around...and here are some of the wonderful things that caught my eye...

The Washerwoman

I was rather taken with Lizzie's French sacks. I love the lettering on them. Lizzie said lots of people had been buying them to make cushions for their gardens. What a great idea!

Lucy Bloom

Lucy's stall is always full of all sorts of vintage loveliness. Lucy and Jayne were next to the Textile Treasure Seeker stand so we were able to have a good natter and a catch up!


Gertie's stall was awash with all things red, white and blue. I love her suffolk puff cushions. 

The Sea Garden

Christine's stall was a veritable feast of vintage and handmade loveliness. It all looked perfect and really enticing.

Sal's Snippets

 A fabulous display of patriotism from Sal.

Hen House

Lovely designs by Hen.

Hen's Teeth

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Viv and her work. I love everything she makes and her designs just make me smile from ear to ear. 

I've always had a soft spot for vintage ephemera, so I couldn't resist these shop price signs from The Sea Garden. I think I might string up the paper ones and put them in our kitchen for all to see.

Country Cottage Chic

Jayne definitely took the prize for the most regal display!

Nostalgia at the Stonehouse

Niki's dolls are just brilliant. These patriotic gals look ready for a Jubilee celebration!

Nostalgia at the Stonehouse

It was a great day. I was particularly pleased with my 'new' 1950s dress that I bought from Donna Flower . I've already worn it to Little Treasure's Jubilee celebrations at playgroup and plan on weraing it lots over the summer. Here's to gilry florals and oodles of bunting!


...Textile Treasure Seeker will be going online very shortly. The eagle-eyed amongst you might have already spotted the link to 'My Shop' on this blog and I assure you that within the next few days the doors of my little emporium will be flung open, with a selection of vintage treasures waiting to find new homes.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Hoorah for Pretty Nostalgic

There's a new magazine in town and I for one got very excited when the first issue landed on our doormat! I positively whooped with delight when I saw it and rushed to put the kettle on so I could enjoy a flick through with a nice cup of Earl Grey (or 'Early G' as we call it in the Treasure household).

Pretty Nostalgic's got a lovely feel to it, the layout's really inviting and there are oodles of interesting articles and bits and pieces to read.

I was particularly drawn to the A to Z of haberdashery. I also loved the article 'Remember Me to All at Home' about a box of wartime letters that were discovered in a cobweb-covered shed.

This is a fabulous idea and got me thinking...'s all about readers documenting their most treasured items and then telling the stories behind them. Pretty Nostalgic's an absolute gem and well worth a read.

The ever talented team at Pretty Nostalgic has also published a sumptuous book called Home, which, like the maagzine is packed full of photos and bits and pieces to tempt every vintage lover. Here's a sneaky peek...

If you've been tempted and fancy having a copy all to yourself, I'll be selling Home on my Textile Treasure Seeker stall at the next Vintage and Handmade Fair in Chipping Sodbury, on 26th May.