Monday, 16 January 2012

A Time to Collect Thoughts...and Inspiration

There's something about a new year that always gets me thinking about all sorts, from the new adventures I'd like to go on, to the books I'd like to read and the things I'd like to make. It's the same every year (and not just for me I'm sure!) I suppose it's the first chance we all get to stop and collect our thoughts after the excitement and busy-ness of the festive season. I'm engrossed in the books I had for Christmas (amongst them Kirstie Allsop's Craft and Cath Kidston's Stitch) as well as the magazine's that have been piled up until I have a spare moment to flick through them. I'm also enjoying walks in the park, watching Little Treasure grow and change before my eyes and the joy of feeding ducks. There's so much to be inspired by!

I thought I'd share some of my ramblings, thoughts and things to inspire here...illustrated with photos I took at the last two Vintage and Handmade Fairs in Chipping Sodbury.

I'm currently having a love affair with patchwork. My first ever textile creation at school was an English pieced patchwork cushion that was made from Laura Ashley ready-cut patchwork pieces (does anyone else remember those?!) and took me a whole term to make. I can remember feeling so proud when it was finished...wobbly stitches and all! I think this is where the seed was sewn (sorry, no pun intended) for what has now become my favourite sewing pastime.

I'm now making a patchwork quilt (all sewn by hand, eek!) out of Mr Treasure's old shirts. It seemed like such a waste to throw them away when it was only the collarts and cuffs that had gone threadbare, so I'm putting my best 'make do and mend' foot forward and creating something new from them for posterity. It's nowhere near as fancy as this gorgeous quilt here, but I'm hoping it'll turn out alright once it's finished (keeping everything crossed!)


Suffolks Puffs are so joyous! They can be made into all sorts, or merely kept safely in a pretty box, to be taken out and admired every now and again.


Donna Flower

Donna's stall is always a feast for the eyes. Over the years I've bought all sorts of fabric treasures from Donna and I think this year I need to be brave enough to just get on and enjoy using some of the bigger pieces I've been stashing away in my fabric drawer.

Donna Flower

Lovely, lovely, lovely! So many gorgeous colours and patterns. I should really have a good sort of my own fabric stash, find something I fancy making and then crack on with it. I will...I really will!

Donna Flower

I just love buttons! There's something fabulous about getting lost in the simple pleasure of sorting through a button jar. I think having a bit of time for what could be categorised as 'frivolous' is important. It's all about taking time out for the small things.

Canvas and Cloth

I love vintage reels of thread, especially Sylko ones, which come in such a wonderful array of colours with fabulously evocative names. I think the threads in this photo look great together. My friend Kathleen is an absolute whizz at putting together the most wonderful combinations of colours in her work. I think this year I will try being bolder in my colour choices in all aspects of life!

Hen's Teeth

If there was a 'Bestest Designer in the Whole Wide World and Bringer of Great Joy' award, it would absolutely have to go to Viv. Her creations make me smile from ear to ear whenever I see them. I've got a little collection of Viv's brooches and purses, as well as one of her birdy needlecases and I just love them all! Viv's just announced that she's going to start running workshops - hoorah, hoorah, hoorah!

Sallie and James Ead

The Devil Makes Work

The Devil Makes Work

Hoorah for tweed! I think Woo's owls are rather fabulous.

There's something wonderful about rummaging for treasure. It's all about the thrill of the chase and the thought that in the next box, drawer or corner could be lurking something fabulous just waiting to be discovered. Treasure seeking is certainly high on my 2012 'to do' list!

Cowboys and Custard

Catching up with old friends and making news ones...definitely good for the soul.

Canvas and Cloth

With this cold weather we're having at the moment, it's definitely a good excuse to curl up in the warm with books, Blogland and a mug of hot chocolate!

Stay warm everyone...and I hope you find much to be inspired by in 2012!

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hensteeth said...

Oh you! Don't think I have ever been called anything so sweet ...ever!
Wishing you a wonderfully patchworky gloriously textile 2012.