Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Girls' Night In

I've been lucky enough to get my hands on Hannah Read-Baldrey's latest offering (published last week) and I must say, it's really rather fabulous. It's called 'Girls' Night in' and is a brilliant guide to creating the perfect night in with your favourite friends. So, rather than keep it to myself, I thought you might like a sneaky peek at what it's all about.

If you think the name Hannah Read-Baldrey rings a bell it's because she's the co-author of the inspirational books, 'Everything Oz' and 'Everything Alice' that I wrote about recently. I loved this book from the moment I saw it...not only has it got a lovely feel to it (I'm a bit of a book geek and love the touch and smell of new books!), it's also perfect for flicking through for inspiration. I showed it to my girly friends, who whooped with delight at the projects, cakes and cocktails within. In particular there was much 'oooohing' and 'aaaahing' at the floral felt fascinators and delicious selection of cakes, as well as much tittering (no pun intended) at the showgirl tassels!

I do love a bit of bunting, so I was really taken with this 'Leggy bunting', Hannah's rather innovative alternative to the traditional variety.

These are the floral felt fascinators that proved particularly popular with my friends. I imagine they're all off looking for felt to make them with right now!

These 'Mini Me' dolls are my favourite project in the whole book. They'd be fabulous to make and give to your friends as presents...or spend the evening making and swapping together.

There are lots of craft projects to try your hand at. This little clutch bag would be great to make at a girly night in whilst sipping cocktails!

I think this is a BRILLIANT idea! 

As well as the crafty projects, there are also instructions for beautifying yourself...nail designs, make-up ideas, recipes for face masks, a lemon and vodka foot soak...

 ...and even how to's for a number of hair do's!

The book is delightfully dotted throughout with Hannah's trademark (and rather brilliant) papercut illustrations.

Hands up who fancies a big slice of cake? The look of the icing alone has me reaching for a cake fork!

Mmmmmm, more cake! 

There are other recipes in this book particular favourites were 'Borough Market mini burgers and chips', 'chicken satay with peanut dip', 'spicy vegetable samosas' and 'Dorset fishcaskes with aioli'. I'm making myself hungry just writing this!

For the time in between crafting, cakes and cocktails, there are some ideas for fun games to play. I think this 'Guess Who Game' sounds like lots of fun.

And cocktails too. This book really will have you ringing your friends and organising a night in quick smart!

'Girls' Night in'
Crafts, cakes and cocktails for the ultimate party
By Hannah Read-Baldrey
Published by Quadrille, £16.99

(Just in case you're wondering, the fabric I photographed the book on is 'Tatum F Tana Lawn' from the very gorgeous range of Liberty Art Fabrics. I saw it on one of our recent jaunts to London and couldn't resist bringing some home. Now all I have to do is think of a project I could use it for and be brave enought to cut it up! Perhaps I should use it for one of the 'Girls' Night in' projects?)

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