Monday, 1 March 2010

A Room of One's Own

One of the biggest luxuries in my life has to be that I'm lucky enough to have a whole room in our house that I can work and be creative in. Mr Treasure is very understanding of my magpie ways when it comes to textiles (and I think relieved that I've only managed to fill, thus far, just one room with all of my collections of fabric, haberdashery and works in progress)! My workroom has been in a bit of a pickle of late, but this weekend I went on a tidying frenzy and so thought I'd take you on a little tour...

I surround myself with inspiration and things I love. There are the photos and mementoes on my message board (made using the fabric of a vintage eiderdown and bought from Rosablue), my basket of Vintage Magpie bunnies and Cath Kidston sewing box which houses (no pun intended!) my sewing paraphernalia.

I just love books...and my collection is always growing!

This little embroidered house was very kindly given to me by Janet Clare at last year's Festival of Quilts. It's taken me ages to find just the right frame for it, but now I have it sits happily on one of my bookshelves.

I have buttons and fabric stashed away in all sorts of places!

At the moment, one of my 'only weaknesses' (to quote Dorcas Lane!) is tins and boxes. My latest acquisition is the oriental style Blue Bird toffee tin (left hand side, on the top).

I often change what I have out on this little shelf. At the moment, I have pincushions and other sewing bits and bobs on display. The photo is of one of my Grandmothers. She was a great seamstress and always wore the most elegant clothes.

I love jars of buttons! I need to fill up the empty ones, which I found in a local charity shop. Sometimes I tip out a jar of buttons and rummage through them, just for fun and to remind myself of all their different shapes and colours.

When I walked in this morning, the sun was streaming through the windows and my heart soared! It's so wonderful to see sunshine and know that Spring is on its way.


A Bun Can Dance said...

Dear Katie
Thank you for your lovely comment about Milly and all your get well wishes, they are very welcome and I know Milly is doing well because of all the kind thoughts coming her way.
Your room looks so very neat and tidy. I do aspire to be a neat and tidy crafter, but I have a tendency to get a lot of things out and.... ooops, they don't quite find their way back! I get distracted by the next activity - or at least that is my excuse! ;-)
Like you, I am a great collector of boxes, tins, and baskets, bags, jars, etc - in fact I love anything that you can store things in!
I hope to re-style my garden room soon, as I have bought an old red formica topped table which will go in there. I feel a retro room coming on!
Have a fab week - not long til Scrabble!
D x

A Bun Can Dance said...

PS: I love your Janet Clare picture - I'm very fond of her work, she is so talented.
D x

Hens Teeth said...

Your room is perfect...the boxes, baskets and sets of drawers are so wonder the room gives you pleasure. It is packed with inspiration and lovely, lovely things.

Hens Teeth said...

ps. I have a Janet Clare chicken but I paid £1 for mine ;-)

Country Style Living said...

You are lucky to have such a lovely space, all of your own to work in.

Carrie said...

im very jealous, your space is lovely! i really like the tins and love the jar of buttons, im a bit addicted to buttons, its becoming a problem!:)
Lovely post, wish i could post about my workspace, but i dont really have one unless you count the corner of my livingroom :)
Maybe ill post a pic of it just for fun!hehe

Miss Sew & So said...

goodmorning! have been popping in for a while & remembered to push the 'follow' button today!! so i am in love with your little studio- as it soo reminds me of my little studio- our spaces....& yes we are lucky! the one gorgeous piece you failed to mention & which i would love to get my hands on is the Skylo cotton reel drawers- they are just delightful! have been watching some on ebay! love yur writing in sew hip and love the blog!
Melissa x

a mermaids purse said...

what lovely treasures you have- so glad i found your blog its really lifted my spirits with all your wonderful textile treasures! ;0)x
that studio looks perfect for all your inspirational/creative needs- lovely to have a space of ones own to get lost in a world of wonders! lovely blog ;0)xx

Purrfect Haven said...

ooooh .. envy... with a greenish hue.. more envy (but in the nicest way), I just love your room. Button jars, what a lovely idea. I thought of making a picture display of some hand painted buttons, sewing them onto purple velvet and framing them. But oh for a 'room of ones own'... I am neat in our house, but long to have a room to fill full, cover the walls with scraps and pictures and bits and pieces of life (and NOT dust necessarily). Darcy andf Bing send their love (Darcy says, he is still very much around and will see you soon) xxx from us all xxx

Donna said...

Your room is beautiful Katie, a real creative haven. I could happily sit in there for hours with you going through your treasures!

You were right eagle eyes, it was my kitchen in Homes and Antiques. I had no idea. It was from a shoot by the Times 2 years ago!

Kayla coo said...

I love vintage sewing equipment,I would love your cream sylko drawers to go with my blue one!

Corinne Phillips said...

Hi Katie - Your workroom looks lovely. Mine is so untidy at the moment you have inspired me to tidy it up. Love all the little touches. Hope college is going well. x

jackanne said...

hello,i have just found your blog its lovely ....i am doing a GIVEAWAY pop over to my blog you might be lucky..jackanne xx

Kitschen Pink said...

hmmm. only one weakness very like Dorcas Lane - and me! Only one at a time - one minute this, one minute that! HAHA! Beautiful space! t.xx