Sunday, 26 April 2009

Hats and Homemade Homes

There's so much I could write, I just don't know where to start! Let's begin with yesterday's adventure. The husband - Mr Treasure (as he shall now be called) - and I decided to take off to the Big Smoke to see the sights and blow away the cobwebs. I've been itching to see the latest exhibition at the V&A - 'Hats: An Anthology by Stephen Jones', so off we went. The exhibition was fabulous, with all its vintage-inspired cases jam packed with the most wonderful head gear. The one I loved the most was Stephen Jones's 'Tube Hat'...quirky, yet somehow very wearable, I thought! It was glorious to see hats by designers I've read so much about and admire too - Chanel, Patou, Paquin, Balenciaga. Unfortunately, I couldn't take any photos, so you'll have to go and see them for yourself! I did put together this little collection, made up of some postcards of hats that were on display and the exhibition catalogue and leaflet (a credit to V&A Publishing and Stephen Jones should probably be mentioned here!)

I love going the V&A. There's so much to see and although I've never been 'round it all, I find myself going back to the bits I have seen and like the most - the new jewellery gallery and the fashion section. Despite all the weather reports saying it was going to rain yesterday, it was dry and sunny in London! We went for a stroll around one of Mr Treasure's favourite bits of London - Borough Market. So much lovely food all in one place! Whilst we were choosing olives and wondering which cheese to buy, Mr Treasure spotted Gok Wan! I'm such a HUGE fan. Gok's a chap who inspires confidence in women, tells us how to make the most of our figures, bumps and all and with a few embellishments here and there, makes drab clothes look like something form the catwalk - Gok Wan, I salute you! Needless to say, I pretended to act very cool...and then rushed off to text my Mum (who is also a fan of Wan)! 

Is anyone else out there totally hooked on 'Kirstie's Homemade Home'? Craft, interiors, tips, techniques and rummaging for treasures - how could there possibly be all this in just one t.v. programme? It's making me want to rush out, learn a whole host of new skills and make a 'nest' that's full of my own homemade loveliness! Inspired by Kirstie, I thought I'd show you some of the homemade treasures we've collected and have dotted about our house, starting with the dining room and downstairs loo...

Our reclaimed wood mantelpiece in the dining room is the perfect place for putting all sorts of bits and bobs. We bought the lanterns as decorations for our wedding reception and now they sit here, with pieces of French-inspired linen ribbon tied on to their tops.

Mr Treasure bought me this fabulous Poppy Treffry tea cosy last time we were in Marazion (in Cornwall). I love it so much I haven't been able to use it yet in case it gets any tea drips on it! 

A Samantha Stas egg cosy...tres chic! I bought it from 'Made in Hastings', which is a glorious shop in Hastings (Old Town) that's packed with all sorts of stylish handmade goodies. 

We have Cath Kidston bags on the back of all of our bathroom doors. What do they hold? Toilet rolls!

With a dreamy lavender smell, this little fabric boat (by Sarah Stone) is another find from Cornwall and a great addition to our downstairs loo! 

I will introduce you to other homemade treasures each week, in sync with Kirsty Allsopp, as she moves around her Devon house, doing it up! I don't get much time to create homemade handicrafts myself (something I'm hoping will change), so I'm always inspired by things that other people make...and love giving them a home!

WARNING...shameless plug coming up! If you fancy trying your hand at free machine embroidery and don't know how to start (or need a refresher), I've written (under my maiden name!) a beginner's guide to this technique for iSew. Head on over to iSew, for instructions, tips and the odd picture or two.


5ft Inf said...

Crikey, your trip to the V&A sounds great...I'm going to go! I remember visiting the Ferragamo exhibition in my teens and then as an impoverished student finding a pair of pneumatic wedges in a second hand shop in Islington...oh, the joy!
And Cornwall...yes, thanks for your lovely comments; a new treat for me, as I'm primarily a Lake District girl, but like you, absolutely loved it...Also noticed you like Brief Encounter: went to see the fantastic Kneehigh production in Brighton last was great; catch it on tour if you can
x Philippa

Ali @ Betty and Violet said...

I haven't been to the V&A for years and I really feel the need for a visit ~ your post has inpsired me to get a date booked on the calendar!
Yep, I too am hooked on Kirsty's new programme and I am a Gok fan too (although his new series is not quite as good as the original 'naked' series me thinks...)
Look forward to your next post!
Ali x

Donna said...

It was so lovely to see you and Mr Treasure here today. I hadn't read about your Gok experience before today, what fun!

I hope you enjoy your purchases and I want to see photos of you in 'that dress'!

martha said...

I think i saw you at Donna's sale on saturday. I wish i had introduced myself but better late than never, i am martha