Friday, 17 April 2009

The Joy of Blogging

I've been given an award! Very exciting. The lovely Isabelle at Suzy's Vintage Attic has given me a Renee Award and I feel very honoured indeed. Thank you Isabelle! I love writing my posts...and it's wonderful to know that other people like them too! I have 'met' lovely people through blogging and their kindness and comments are always a joy, so thank you one and all!


5ft Inf said...

Hi there...I've just come accross your blog via Suzy's Vintage Attic, and you've got some really lovely things on it. I particularly love the 'holes'. What a brilliant thing: I love the idea that texture and fabric can highlight a wonderfully shaped 'nothing', and that nothing, in turn, shows off the textures.
Thanks for sharing things you love!
x 5ft inf

5ft Inf said...

Hi again!
Thanks for your comment on my blog...I'm so glad you're a fellow lover of the telephone box!
I recently finished a patchwork of loads of different kiosks which I'd printed onto fabric...slightly obsessive, obviously...
And, yes, when I'm at my parents, the cat always comes with us on walks: last time he tried to round up 7 sheep, who looked completely bewildered...Siamese cats are more like dogs and he always comes away with us on holidays too: as long as he's near us, he's happy, and he couldn't care less where he was as long as he can be lavished with attention!
x Philippa

Ryan said...

Your award is much deserved... Ace blog!