Monday, 13 April 2009

Time for Sewing...

Yesterday was such a lovely day...we spent time with family, went for walk around a local National Trust property and were treated to all sorts of lovely food. I felt all spring-like and wore a flowery skirt!

With all the indulgences (I rather over indulged in chocolate and sweet treats!), I spent this morning out in our garden soaking up the glorious sunshine...planting sweet peas, weeding flower beds and eagerly peering into our little greenhouse to see what's starting to grow (broccoli and french beans at the moment). The fresh air obviously went to my head as I felt the urge to spend the afternoon being creative indoors. The result....(little fanfare please!)....

....this embellished t-shirt! Over the past year, I've been designing and making projects for young stitchers for Sewing World magazine. My aim has been to introduce kids to new sewing techniques and encourage them to be creative. It's been great fun. Cushions, bags, fabric bowls, soft toys and restyling old jeans into a skirt and bag...I've done them all! My last two projects have been to embellish t-shirts. My first was a story time design all about fairies at the bottom of the garden and the second one (due to be in the July issue of the magazine) is above, which I've been working on today. I call it "No. 1 animal lover's t-shirt"! I used Amy Butler fabrics for the rosette and iron-on motifs to decorate too. Even if only one person reads my projects and feels encouraged to try designing or sewing for themselves, the last year of making and creating will have been worth it!


Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hi Katie
Firstly let me tell you how fabulous you look in that outfit! I really love the skirt did you make it or is it from a store/shop?The colours combinations of your outfit are all so very me!
It must be very rewarding for you to help encourage youngsters to sew. Phoebe sometimes wants to know everything about it and the next minute I get 'Boring, not sewing again'... The t-shirt looks great!
Glad you had a good Easter. I love visiting National Trust properties, I have been a member for 15 years or so.
Take care
Isabelle x

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hi Katie
If you check my blog, you will see that there is an award there for you!
Isabelle x

Donna said...

Hey that's gorgeous Katie, well done you!

You look so pretty in your spring outfit.

Can't wait to see you next week, soooooo excited!!!