Sunday, 18 March 2012

Happy Days

From the moment I booked my place on the very first Hen's Teeth workshop I was like a child waiting for Christmas. I'm such a fan of Viv's work and the thought of a whole day learning all sorts of new things was just too exciting for words! Last Saturday (10th) the day itself finally arrived and Mum and I motored off to Weston Park for a day of stitchery indulgence.

It was an absolutely brilliant day from start to finish. We drank tea, ate cake and learned all sorts of new techniques. It was lovely to spend the whole day with Viv too - she's such an inspiration.

Here's my first brooch in the early stages of stitching. It was such a treat to have a whole day to be creative and to be with other lovely people who enjoy fabric and textiles as much as I do. We learnt so much - new blogs to follow, names of artists we hadn't heard of before and, of course, lots of new textiles techniques.

We were in the old carpenter's workshop. Here it is after everyone had gone for lunch. We had a wonderful time rummagaing through Viv's boxes of fabric, threads and ephemera looking for inpiration and things we could add to our brooches.

The day went by far too quickly! Here are our finished creations.

I love the fact that we all had the same bits and pieces to work with, yet they all turned out to be so different.

Here are my two finished brooches. I had such a fabulous time making them. Thank you Viv for a wonderful day of creative indulgence!


Su said...

Your brooches are lovely. It sounds like a great day, I love her work too so am rather envious now! Glad you enjoyed it :-)

lemonade kitty said...

Gorgeous brooches, wish I could have attended but it's just a bit too far, Lucey x

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

How lovely that both you and your mother shared this workshop - I would love to do one with my daughter!

Viv's brooches are fantastic and I love the one you made - original art - what super presents you will be able to make for your friends!!!
I'm envious!!!