Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Peg Dolls, Snow and a Couple of Christmas Trees

It's official - I'm now feeling 100% Christmassy! We've (finally) finished writing our Christmas cards, wrapped all the presents and decorated the house in time for the Big Day on Saturday.

It was my friend Fi's birthday last week. As she's a fellow vintage and craft lover, we decided to get together and spend the morning creating something for the Christmas tree. Here's what we made...we call them our 'Peg Molls'! Fi's fabulously festive fairy has sparkly pipe cleaner halo and wings and I love the way her skirt is at a jaunty Marilyn Monroe-esque angle. Mine isn't quite finished yet (I think she needs some arms), but with a bit of luck will be soon!

Mr Treasure and I excitedly put our Christmas trees up at the weekend...

...with a bit of help from one of our furry friends!

I love re-discovering all our tree decorations. There are always some I've forgotten about, as well as old favourites that I look forward to finding.

Every year my parents make the Christmas card that they send to us. Here's the one for 2010, featuring printing, sweet papers and a suffolk puff...isn't it fab?!

This was the scene in our back garden yesterday. We've had about six inches of snow so far.

Having been cooped up at home for days now (flu bug followed by snow), Mr Treasure decided it was about time I ventured back into the world! So, wrapped in as many layers as we could get into and armed with wellington boots, ski socks and ski gloves, we went for a walk through the snow to buy bread and milk. This was the scene that greeted us in our local park...so pretty!

Even the ducks were out playing in the snow! Luckily, not all of their pond was frozen over so at least they could have a bit of a swim.

Here's Mr Treasure underneath a particularly wintery-looking tree. I find it really enchanting how snow makes everything so peaceful. There was hardly a sound as we walked along, except for the excited whoops coming from all the children who were sledging down one of the park's hills and the occasional slush of melted snow as the odd car drove past.

We passed this snowy letterbox on our travels. It was full to the brim!

I hope that wherever you are, the snow isn't being too disruptive and you're enjoying the run up to Christmas. Stay warm!


A Bun Can Dance said...

Hi Katie
I've just sent you an email and now I find a post on your blog - great! It all looks very festive in your part of the world. The Christmas trees, fairies and furry friends are delightful. And the snow pictures too - the landscape looks so tidy with snow on it, doesn't it? We've had the same amount of snow and it shows no signs of shifting - so I guess we'll be having a White Christmas :-)
Sending you big hugs for the festivities and hope you're feeling perfectly well now. Have lots of fun!
D xx

Sadie Virginia said...

Hi. just wanted to say hello. we both have work in Michelle's shop Vintage Blue in Ledbury.

I've only recently started a blog, I've no followers yet. I just wanted to say what a lovely blog you have, really nice photos and text. Hope you don't mind me 'cold calling' like this.

Best wishes, Sadie

Purrfect Haven said...

May the new year be a most happy one for you. Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xx

Donna said...

Just popping over to say that I am thinking of you and Mr Treasure and of your exciting year ahead. Hope you are both well and happy. Big love D xxx