Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Treasures from the East

There are so many textiley exhibitions on at the moment, it's a job to fit in visits to them all! I did manage to pop into New Brewery Arts in Cirencester on Saturday to see CLOTHing FABRIC OF THE EAST - an exhibition of work by Dorothy Reglar and Tim Parry-Williams.

I loved the detailing on this dress. I thought it had a hint of vintage about it too.

The fabrics were glorious and they draped so beautifully.

The cloth that Dorothy Reglar uses to create her designs is produced in Laos on handlooms and Tim Parry-Williams uses woven fabrics from Japan. I rather like the subtle colour palette of Eastern textiles.

It was really interesting to see the raw materials for the cloth that Dorothy and Tim use. There were lots of perspex boxes with different bits and bobs in to look at.

Dorothy Reglar has a studio at New Brewery Arts, so I went to have a look around after I'd been to the exhibition. I had a lovely chat with Dorothy and she very kindly let me take a couple of photos of her studio (above and below). There were drawers of the most enticing trimmings and haberdashery under the table where Dorothy's standing...it was like a textile treasure trove!

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