Friday, 7 May 2010

Blooming Marvellous

I'm having a break from seeking textile treasures at the moment... but only for a few days. I'm doing something a little bit different - stewarding at the Spring Gardening Show in Malvern. It's great fun! I've been meeting all sorts of interesting people and when I get a break, I can wander amongst all of the exhibits and stalls! Although it's been rather cold these first two days (I was wearing 3 tops, 2 fleeces, hat, scarf and gloves today!), it hasn't dampened anyone's spirits. I actually look forward to going to work each day (even with the early morning starts)!

I'm stewarding in the Show Gardens, which is great fun as there's always something to do or watch. Whilst wandering around the show gardens yesterday, making sure exhibitors and visitors were all ok and answering any questions, I had the chance to watch Joe Swift and the team filming tonight's edition of Gardeners' World - did anyone see it? (BBC2 at 8.30pm)?

Here's Joe Swift between takes. When he was talking to camera, he spoke about the plants and designs of the gardens he was in without any prompts. Needless to say, there were crowds of people watching the filming!

There was a very special guest to the show today - HRH Princess Anne! Here she is on the first stop on her tour of the Show gardens. It was great to see her (and she looked just like I'd imagined her to).

Here's a mini tour around some of my favourite Show Gardens...I'll put the names of their creators in when I have my show guide to hand (which has all the details in)...
This was one of the gardens featured on Gardeners' World tonight. It won a Gold RHS medal.

Handmade tiles make up the path in this garden...

...and there were even chickens! I'm desperate to keep chickens, so I've started doing my research and get rather excited when I see anything chicken-keeping-related!

The sun might not be shining very much, but the gardens still look bright and cheerful.

This is the Hansel and Gretel Garden. It has the most amazing water feature (left) that clanks and tinkles as the water runs through it and moves parts of the sculpture.

There's real toast on the roof! (In case you were wondering, it has been treated so it doesn't go soggy in the rain!)

This is the 'Best in Show' garden. It also won a Gold RHS medal and has been drawing big crowds since the show started yesterday.

Mr Alexander's Travelling Show is absolutely brilliant.

Mr Alexander does tricks and stunts, all in time to wonderful Music Hall-style music.

There are some fabulous arts/crafts stalls, bursting with gorgeous bits and bobs to choose from.

What a fabulous necklace!

These pink sparkly dwarves make me smile every time I walk past them!

This is one of my favourite stalls. Everything is handmade by Jenny and I had a real job trying to decide what to buy as I wanted to take it all home with me!

I love Jenny's wooden boats. One of these little houses came home with me yesterday.

Hoorah for the seaside! This Show Garden is based on the Norfolk coast and I'm hoping it'll encourage the sun to shine for the last two days of the show!


Donna Flower said...

Wow what an exciting week you have had sweetie!

Lovely to see you and Mr TTS last Saturday. See you again very soon (can't wait)

D xxx

gill said...

Hi Katie
What fun you've had!!
I always mean to go to Malvern but never make it - I must try harder!!
Actually I always remember about it a week layet when I go to the quilt show at Malvern and usually they're still dismantling various structures!

By the way how do you get to be a steward at Malvern??

Quilt it & Dotty said...

What a lucky girl you are! And Joe could be family; we have the same funny way of talking :-P

Of to do my garden now!


tracey @ the vintage bothy said...

Hi Katie
I went last year and it was sweltering! I hope that you have warmed up.
I LOVE the beach hut.

Milly and Dottie said...

I only got as close as watching this wonderful RHS show on television this year..
Maybe next year I'll get there.. though I keep saying that about Chelsea Flower Show and I still haven't made it!

Michele x

Purrfect Haven said...

How lovely to have a chance to see the show through your eyes - you should be paid for PR! Did you know that Joe Swift's Mum is Novelist Margrate Drabble?
Love Helen x