Monday, 13 July 2009

Making An Exhibition of Ourselves - Part 2

Well, the exhibition at Malvern Hills College is in full swing and, as promised, here are some more photos.

The first year of City and Guilds Embroidery is all about 'Design for Craft'. This is the end result of my form project. It's a brooch! The Fimo pieces I made to hang on it represent different memories mum has of a street party for the Coronation in 1953. There's cake, a party dress, bunting, a crown and, of course, a Union Jack!

I looked at fashion illustration for my line project and ended up creating this - 'Catwalk Fashion - a collection for Spring/Summer 2009'. I must admit, I found this the trickiest project I worked on! I knew what area I wanted to look at, but had no idea what to create for my end piece. Luckily, it all evolved and came together...paper pattern, silver wire and all!

These are the pages of the altered book I created for my texture project. It took me ages to pluck up the nerve to actually cut up a book (I love books!), but once I got going, there was no stopping me. The book's all about the different textures of Venice - somewhere I'll always have special memories of (especially as this is where Mr Treasure proposed!)

Sketchbooks, found art sculptures, fabric books and stitch's amazing how much work you can do in a year...and it's not until you put it all together that you realise exactly what you've achieved!


Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hi Katie
How creative you are! It is so nice to be able to come up with fresh new ideas. I really like what you have made. Venice... what a wonderful place to recieve a marriage proposal!
Take care
Isabelle x

Kate Hanke said...

I love the book, it is so old and has so much character!

Donna said...

Oh Katie I left a comment here but it disappeared :-(

I said how clever you were and what a wonderful exhibition you made, well done you :-)