Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Making An Exhibition of Ourselves

What a day it's been! I've just got home after the preview evening for the end of year exhibition at Malvern Hills College...having spent all day with the rest of my City & Guilds group frantically putting up our work to create something worthy of viewing.

My space at about 10.30 this morning...

...and several hours later having worked out what to put where! Unfortunately, the photos I took today didn't come out too well, but fear not, Mr Treasure is coming to see the exhibition on Saturday with his trusty camera so I'll be able to post some more piccies from the exhibition over the weekend. (Mr Treasure would have liked to have come to the preview tonight, but was having fun in Cardiff watching the opening match of the Ashes instead...well really!)

Do come and see the college exhibition if you're in the area...there's certainly plenty to be inspired by!


5ft Inf said...

Hi looks great.
Hope it all goes ok. I absolutely love going through sketch books, especially when they're fat-full of extras.Red white and blue are such great colours together...thanks for your comment about my Union Jack; it matches your bunting!

A Bun Can Dance said...

Hi Katie
It looks splendid! And you must feel very proud to be able to stand back and admire your achievements.
Well done!
D x

Ticking stripes said...

Great blog - will have to check back and read your older posts later!