Thursday, 12 November 2009

Choo Choo Ch' Boogie

I've long harboured a dream that when it was my 30th birthday, I'd like to celebrate with a 1940s-themed party. Well, at the end of October, my dreams came true.

With the invitations sent out, all we had to do was find decorations, costumes, a band, lots of yummy food (we decided against spam and rationing for the evening!)...and hope that people would turn up! Here are the results...

I didn't think a 1940s party would be the same without bunting and luckily I found 60 metres of it for sale in our local post office! Balloons, propaganda posters, flags and red, white and blue crepe paper streamers finished off the look a treat.

Here are Mr Treasure and I all dressed up and ready to party! Mr Treasure was so proud of his RAF uniform, I think he would have worn it all week if the fancy dress shop hadn't needed it back! My dress is an original 1940s number, as are my shoes (which I absolutely love and came from Donna's last house sale). My tights even had a seam up the back (but were rather lacking in lycra!)

Mum and Lin painted their nails in between helping to dress the hall and waiting for everyone to arrive! (Chanel nail varnish is truly the best I've ever found and comes in a fabulous array of colours).

Everyone went to so much effort and looked wonderful in their costumes. This is my brother-in-law, Ryan, and his lovely other half, Trish. Lots of the photos here were taken by Ryan, so a very big thank you to him for being our 'official photographer'!

I spent most of the night doing double-takes. It's such great fun to see all your friends and family dressed completely differently to how you normally see them. Lots of people didn't recognise each other at first!

Everyone's costumes were so different and represented just about every walk of 1940's life.

The level of authenticity was superb. That's my father-in-law on the right hand end (who we've all been calling Private Godfrey ever since!)

Everyone got into the spirit of the 1940s, accessories and all. Thankfully, the beer wasn't warm (as it often was back in wartime Britian)!

It took me ages to master 'Victory Rolls' and I was terrified I wouldn't be able to manage them on the night. Luckily, I gave myself plenty of time to get ready (as well as bucketloads of hairspray and pins).

I love seeing people wearing hats. I often think it's a shame we don't still wear them as part of our everyday attire.

Parties are always a great opportunity for friends to catch up. The evening went so quickly though. It could have done with being an all day event, just so I had time to chat to everyone and still have time for dancing!

My feet just won't stay still when I hear music I love. Needless to say, Mr Treasure took me for a spin when the band started playing Glenn Miller tunes!

There was a merry hub-bub all night as people laughed and chatted amongst the bunting.

With the band playing 1940's music, the hall having a nostalgic air to it and everyone looking wonderful in their outfits, it was like stepping back in time.

Here's me with Mum (who wore an original 1940s, cardigan, belt and felt brooch) and Dad (who came as an evacuee).

There's something about a uniform that made the chaps stand up very tall and walk with a certain air of authority!

My ARP's tin helmet (which I had for Christmas many years ago, wrapped up in brown paper and tied up with string) was soon commandeered!

All of the armed forces were represented. Mr Treasure's moustache didn't last long as it kept falling in his beer!

It's Rosie the Riveter!

It really was a wonderful party and one that will remain in my memory forever. I'm just trying to think of an excuse to do it all again!

And now for something completely different...

I wanted to post this long before now, but we've been having trouble with our broadband and it was only fixed today. I didn't like being cut off from Blogland one little bit!

For all those who were wondering, The Daffodil is in Cheltenham. Do pop in if you're ever in the area!

On Monday evening, I wrote out the names of everyone who had entered my Amy Butler pattern giveaway on bits of paper, folded them up and popped them into an empty Bonne Maman jar (I'd never survive without Bonne Maman strawberry jam, it's just so yummy!) Having shaken them all up, I asked Mr Treasure to pull out two names. The winners were...drum roll and little fanfare please...Jayne and Isabelle. Congratulations and a huge thank you to everyone for entering!


Pomona said...

What a wonderful party! Everyone obviously made such an effort with their outfits and it looks like you all had a great time and a night to remember.

Pomona x

BusyLizzie said...

Great photos, what a party! Your mums cardy looks familiar - did she buy it from my stall???? Lizzie x

Ryan said...

'twas the best party I've been to in many a year Katie, well done you!

Toni said...

I hope you see this comment Katie, I found these pics bu Googling and your party had JUST the look I want for the 50th which is coming up.
I'm so impressed by the effort everyone went to, and how authentic everything looked!
I hope it's OK that I've Pinned a number of the pictures to my Pinterest party board. If not feel free to message me back and I'll take them down.