Monday, 16 November 2009

All the Fun of the Fair

I've been feeling like a child waiting for Christmas over the last few weeks, but finally the day of the Christmas Vintage and Handmade Fair arrived...and what a day it was! It's such a glorious event, with stalls bursting with vintage treasure, nostalgic music, lovely people, a wonderful atmosphere and tea and cakes aplenty, served up on vintage china.

I couldn't help but get into the festive spirit, especially when I saw all of the lovely Christmassy things on Michele's stall.

Michele's stall was also bursting with vintage toys that I could easily have given a home to!

One of the things I love most about the Fair is the chance to meet the people's whose blogs I read and whose work I admire. I was thrilled to meet Viv (who I featured in my Sewing World article all about the wonderful world of blogging). The pieces she makes are absolutely wonderful.

A trip to the Fair wouldn't be the same without Nicky's vintage bunnies. They're so adorable!

These dolls from The Little Wren House Factory made me smile. There were the most wonderful needle felted animals on this stall too...

...I thought Millie was rather wonderful (the needle felting is so clever).

As ever, Niki's stall was filled with the most wonderful array of vintage loveliness...

...from buttons and toys... her gorgeous rag dolls. I admire them each and every time I see them. Perhaps one day I might have to give into temptation and give one a new home!

There's always so much treasure to look through on Sue's stall, from buckles and fabric, to gorgeous vintage pieces such as this pretty doll.

It was fabulous to see Donna at the Fair (and her mum too!) So many gorgeous fabrics to choose from!

I think the best bit of the day had to be meeting Denise (a.k.a. Mrs Bun). I was having a cup of tea before going around the fair for the third time (!), when a lovely, bubbly lady came and introduced herself! I was so thrilled she was Denise, who've I've become friends with through Blogland. We were partners in her recent letter swap and enjoyed it so much, we're planning to write some more! I could have chatted to Denise (and the lovely Mr Bun) all day. It just goes to show, you never know who'll you might bump into at the Vintage and Handmade Fair!

Mr Treasure treated me to this wonderful purse by the very talented Viv. I'm so thrilled with it!

Amongst the bits and pieces I bought were these vintage shop stamps. They're so evocative of times gone by!

On the way home we popped into Cirencester and went to see the 'Cut and Fold' exhibition at the Brewery Arts Centre. It's well worth a visit if you're passing. I loved these butterflies (by Tracey Bush).

This piece is made of lots of pieces of rolled paper, in what reminds me of a window frame. It casts the most amazing shadows on the wall.

It was only when I stood back from Beatrice Coron's silhouettes, that I could see the overall effect. They were absolutely stunning and full of tiny details. They must have taken ages to create!

It's difficult to see the tiny details in this's filled with people all doing different things. These silhouettes were big and must have needed steady hands and nerves of steel to make!

It really was a fabulous Saturday. Only 6 months to go until the next Vintage and Handmade Fair. Hoorah!


ginny said...

oh lucky you meeting Denise. the fair looked great and i am so sorry to have missed it this year and to putting faces to lots of blog friends. Annie's work is stunning and i treasure the sweetest blue tit brooch she gave me at the fair last year.
the paper cut butterflies are wonderful too...
what an inspiring weekend you have had.
warm wishes
ginny (sweetmyrtle)

Purrfect Haven said...

How lovely your day sounded and I long to buy someof those gorgeous items you showcased on your blog. I am looking forward to hearing from my dear friend Mrs Bun, about her day and meeting you (she texted me to say what a blissful time she had there). What a wonderful Fair - is there even eny one like this near me Oxfordshire? Super blog! H, D&B x

BusyLizzie said...

Great to see you too on Saturday, I had a great day, the only sad part was being too busy to chat to many people! Lizzie x

Country Cottage Chic said...

It was so nice to meet you at last - so pleased you enjoyed your day and thanks again for the super giveaway prize - the patterns look fantastic!


Hens Teeth said...

Hello dear Katie,
it was really lovely to see you at the Fair. So pleased you are happy with your purchase...thank you.
Such a special day for us all.

I wanted to tell you too, that I was lucky enough to travel to New York for one week and spent one and half days with Beatrice Coron. She held a workshop for two of us at her apartment overlooking Central Park. A never to be forgotten time, very dear to my heart, so it is wonderful to see her work in Cirencester.

Donna said...

It was so lovely to see you and the rest of the Textile Treasure Seeker Family, I have grown very fond of you all and any event would not be the same without you all. Your lovely daddy even bought some twine from me. Great photos and I am envious of your purse. Viv's work is stunning. I would have liked one for myself but I was trying to be good and not spend on myself!

A Bun Can Dance said...

Dear Katie
Hello there! I'm still bubbling with excitement at our meeting at last! What a wonderful day it was - next time I fully intend to camp out for the day, just like you did - two hours was not enough time!
I've stolen the photo for my blog post - thanks for that!
Most envious of your beautiful purse...
D x

Calico Kate said...

Hello popped in here via Mrs Buns blog and your lovely smiley photograph. So pleased I did. I have been drooling over your craft books and love the Daffodil. Your birthday party looks like you all had a jolly good time them men looked sooo dashing.
Will pop back to see you agian soon

Cowboys and Custard said...

I have snapshots of the day in my mind and one of the vivid ones I have is our meeting and lovely chat..
It was so nice to see you and your lovely man and spend some precious minutes getting to know you a bit better. Jayne and I are so grateful to you for your generous mention of our fair in your article in Sewing World. I am certain it brought many more visitors to our event..
So pleasing to hear also that you met up with A Bun Can Dance...Friendships like this are such treasure..
Michele xx

Ticking stripes said...

What a fabulous post - and lucky you having a purse from Viv - I keep drooling over her things. The cut and fold exhibition sounds great too. I love beautiful papercutting. Have you seent the work by Su Blackwell - well worth looking at if you like that sort of thing!

Kayla coo said...

The fair pictures look so exciting.
I saw some on Viv's blog.
I love vintage textiles.x