Wednesday, 10 June 2009

That End of Term Feeling

Now, it's been rather a few years since I left school (ok, eleven to be exact) and I'd forgotten what that 'end of term feeling' was like. However, it's been rushing back to me over the last week or so. I'm not sure how it happened, but it's nearly the end of my first year of the City and Guilds Embroidery course I'm doing! 

Needless to say, we've all been frantically finishing off design projects, tidying up our sketchbooks and organising our notes files ready for giving everything in to be checked. Today was D-Day (so to speak) and so off we trekked to college with boxes, folders and bags carrying our year's work. It's our tutor who now has the task of going through them all...while we try have a quick rest whilst trying to put together plans and ideas for 'a panel' - the first of our proper textiles projects and the start of a whole new phase of work!

Here's just a snapshot of what we've been up to since last September...

Our 'home' at Malvern Hills College. Always hard at work designing, sketching, thinking...or having a natter (erm, I mean, discussing the latest trends and designs in the world of textiles)!

Collecting, cutting and sticking to create sketchbooks that are packed full of inspiration.

Trying new design techniques...such as printing using blocks and even brussel sprouts!

'Painting' with threads. This piece is made up of layers of calico, felting wool and chiffon that are then machine embroidered over the top to hold it all in place and also add colour and texture.

Constantly being inspired by things around us. I used all sorts to create this sample, from fabric crayons and an indian printing block, to scraps of fabric and dyes.

Visiting every exhibition we can get to. If only I had the time to tour all of the exhibitions, festivals and open galleries that are going on at any one time! The next couple of weeks for us will be taken up with preparing for our own end of year exhibition (Malvern Hills College, 8th-18th July) pop along if you're in the area! 

One of the best things about being on this course has been the friends I've made along the way. It's brilliant to be surrounded and supported by other people who 'get' what you're doing!

I couldn't end this post without introducing you to just one of my very talented fellow City and Guilders - Murgatroyd and Bean....

She was rather busy doing a spot of reading earlier today...

...but that doesn't stop me from showing you just two of her fabulous designs! 

After all the hard work, I'm off for a spot of 'R and R'...or maybe I'll go off in search of inspiration for that panel I've got to create!


lettuce said...

Hi Katie

I've come over here via Donna

and this post seems quite familiar to me! I did a City and Guilds in weaving, some years ago... it was such a great course.

Donna suggest I contact you esp. as I am involved in a new arts and crafts charity project which is just launching now. I've put a post about this on my textiles blog
(well, and my other blog, and UKHandmade, and Folksy....)

Donna thought you might be able and willing to give some advice about promoting this? if you don't mind me picking your brains a bit, could you email me at:


Cowboys and Custard said...

I do miss my college days... they were so much fun.. the friendly banter, hi-jinks and of course the work.. it was a long time ago.. back in the 70's that I was at Art college but I remember those days as if they were yesterday..
Lovely work Katie...look forward to a summer of inspiration..

Corinne Phillips said...

Seeing the Jacob Room has made me come over all nostalgic!! Lovely work - looking forward to seeing the exhibition.