Monday, 9 March 2009

Letters from America

There's something wonderful about receiving post. I still find myself rushing to the doormat whenever I hear mail drop through our letterbox! When I was little, I had a post office set and when I wasn't busily stamping letters and selling stamps to imaginary customers, I was 'out on my rounds' delivering post around our house with my favourite brown satchel...I think this is where my love of correspondence started.

I've been pondering for some months now on how exactly to start my blog, but I could never quite come up with how to begin. Perhaps today it was meant to be since, at twenty to eight this morning, a brown box arrived from Amy Butler's office in Ohio (USA). Packed full of glorious stationery in Amy's new Lucky Flowers design, I knew immediately that this was how I was going to begin my adventures in blogging. My posts have therefore started with post. How apt!

I urge you all this week not only to visit, but also to race to the doormat whenever you hear the post never know what exciting things might be waiting for you!


Ryan said...

Katie, you're so right! There is something really exciting about the sound of the letterbox flap. I always find myself listening in anticipation when the postman pops into our block of flats, in the hope he has something for me. More often than not, he's bringing mail for people who no longer live at this address but once in a while there is something other than a bill for me. You know the last package I received arrived just this weekend - it was my water colour paints and a handful of brushes... Whoopee!

Donna said...

I love getting post and these days much of it is exciting as it usually contains fabric!

Welcome to the world of blogging honey, lovely to see you here at last.

I shall be popping something in the post to you very soon :-)

Nate said...

Katie, great news that you have your blog up and running.

I can vouch for the fact that you are indeed a textile treasure seeker on account of the fact that we've nearly run out of room in our previously spacious house! I used to get excited about the postman coming, but your parcels are so much more interesting than mine!

Have fun!