Monday, 16 March 2009

Sun, Sewing and Starting a Vege' Patch

Isn't it fabulous when the sun comes out? It makes me think that anything is possible and usually inspires me to imagine of all the things I'd like to do...write a book, have a go at designing my own fabric, making something with all the wonderful bits of vintage fabrics I have. We really must book our summer hols too - we're thinking of Jersey this year. 

It was that time of year again yesterday when we de-camped outside for the morning to plan and plant our vege' patch. Last year's crop was not bad for a couple of beginners, but we're building on our experience and hope to be able to eat lots more of our own home grown veges this year. Our very fluffy cats (Tinker and Phoebe) had a great time with us out in the garden too...chasing each other, chasing a ping pong ball, chasing their own tails and helping us plant seeds when they needed a rest!

I was at Sewing for Pleasure at Birmingham's N.E.C last week...demonstrating free machine embroidery on Sewing World's stand on Thursday and then visiting with Mum on Saturday to have a good look at all of the stands and wonderful work on display. 

I was also just a little bit proud to be able to take Mum to one of the daily fashion shows so she could see the skirt and clutch bag, that I'd designed and made for Sewing World, on the catwalk! Both were made for a series of projects I did about restyling old jeans (February and March '09 issues). Although great fun, I'm not sure I'm really cut out for the life of a fashion designer...think I'll leave that to the likes of Stella McCartney and Alice Temperley!

I was fairly restrained on the shopping front at this year's show and only came home with a few bits and pieces - some glorious red faceted beads (for a necklace I've been planning for a while), some Lutrador (I've heard so much about it, I thought it was about time I tried it out) and Anchor's book of 'Colour on Colour' (for £3, who could resist?!) 

The sun is still shining here, so I think a cup of tea in my favourite dotty mug and a read of the new issue of Mixtape will be on the cards when it's time for elevenses! Hoorah!


Donna said...

You are clever K. Love that bag and skirt.

Your invite is in the post. Can't wait to see you and Nate :-)

Anonymous said...

I could not agree more, when the sun comes out it is truly inspiring. It always, without fail, puts me in a better mood!

Can't wait to see your veggie patch.

Cherry x

Ryan said...

How cool! What a Star I have for a Sister in Law ;-) Loved the bag and skirt, very funky Katie. I also thought the pictures came out well too.

I came "close" to a similar show last weekend at Olympia in London, but I managed to resist the (not-so) magnetic pull as I walked by.

Think I'll stick to taking photos and painting the odd scene.