Monday, 28 January 2013

On the Home Front

In these days of austerity and belt tightening, I thought I'd share some snippets from another time when 'make do and mend' was the order of the day. They're taken from 'Woman' (week ending 11th April 1942)...

To hoard or not to hoard...

I love the language that was used in adverts like this one, "But the way to keep looking lovely..."

 Hooray for Chivers!

The idea of 'hibernating' as a housewife and mother made me chuckle. Such evocative wording though. However, don't you get to put your feet up when hibernating?!

A room for receiving there's an idea! 

 I often think we could learn a thing or two from our thrifty predecessors.

Even brides had to be innovative.

 And to think...we don't bat an eyelid today at women doing any job that takes their fancy.

 Even with wartime restrictions, I still think fashions of the Forties were particularly elegant.

 Stirring stuff!

 This advice could easily have been written with our busy 21st Century lives in mind.

Repair rather than there's a good piece of advice.

Pip pip everyone and happy 'make do and mending'!



Just love these old magazines...


lemonade kitty said...

make do and mend indeed, wonderful reading and a few tips as well!!

Murgatroyd said...

Hahahaha, super stuff! Got a fabulous wartime cookery book to show you next time we meet up x

AnniD said...

Lest we forget eh? I too love the fashion of the forties but I'm glad I don't have to be scrubbed with lifebuoy! Enough to put one off the darning.