Monday, 22 October 2012

A Very Vintage Afternoon

Yesterday my friend Jo and I spent a very happy afternoon at the Petticoat Fair. Held at The Daffodil (a wonderful Art Deco cinema in Cheltenham that's now an extra special restaurant), we had a fabulous time browsing vintage stalls, doing a couple of workshops and eating afternoon tea.

The Fair had a 1940s and '50s theme. There were lots of people dressed in vintage clothes - they looked wonderful. I was so busy taking it all in that I didn't think to take any photos of's a rather lovely 1950s dress that was for sale to make up for it!

Louise Taylor-Bowen was there with an array of her gorgeous handmade jewellery and accessories. I usually see Louise at the Vintage and Handmade Fairs in Chipping Sodbury. I'm usually behind my own stall so it was a real treat to be able to have a proper look at all her wares (and treat myself to a little something)!

All so pretty!

There were all sorts of stalls to have a good look at. Hoorah for royal tins and cushions made from vintage scarves!

 Lots to be tempted by...

One of the workshops we did was all about vintage hairstyles. Here I am with a Victory Roll...all I have to do now is keep practising!

We also did a workshop on making decorations and jewellery using vintage buttons. It was such fun...not only did we get to rummage through piles of buttons, we also made something we could take home.

After all the excitement of the Fair, we were glad to sit down for a spot of afternoon tea.

After a lovely afternoon out, all that remained for me to do was go home and show Mr Treasure and Little Treasure what I'd been up are the decorations I made at the button workshop...

...and here's the handmade lovely I bought from Louise.


Murgatroyd said...

Oh, looks like you had a lovely time. Love the new hairstyle - perhaps you'll be sporting something similar later this week? x

Liz said...

Sounds like a great day out. Love the dress in the first photograph.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger