Wednesday, 19 August 2009

A New Addition

Something arrived this morning that has cheered me up no end! I've been feeling a little under the weather this week and have been mostly reading, sleeping and trying to avoid daytime tv! Imagine my delight when a parcel wrapped in brown paper, tied with string and smelling of lavender was delivered by the postie this morning. Joy of joys!

What was inside...?

Mavis - my new bunny from The Vintage Magpie, created by the very talented Nicky. Mavis is made from hand embroidered vintage linen and I think she's just perfect! She's very happy to be with her other bunny friends...

...who have welcomed her into their little group! So, here are all of my Magpie bunnies..from top to bottom, left to right we have: Maggie, Mabel, Prue, Mavis and Agnes.


Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hello Katie

I share your enthusiasm with these little bunnies. I love them! Unwrapping the parcel is part of the pleasure. They each have their own individual personalities.My daughter had one for her birthday this year, she was over the moon to have her own special one to treasure.Would love to have a Prue but no longer available.
Isabelle x

gingerwine said...

I just love Nickys toys!
You have the cutest collection!


5ft Inf said...

They are very, very cute...I know if I had one though, my bizarre cat would chew it to pieces...he's currently revealed the stuffing 'brain' of poor Ted who has been relegated to the cat basket now! (only one of those cats was mine by the way...)
Hope you're feeling properly better soon...
x Philippa

Donna said...

Oh good grief Katie, you have 5 now!!!! I have 4 but have comforted myself with the fact that 2 of them belong to my children, despite me sneaking them into my bedroom ;-)