Friday, 6 July 2012

Stitching for Royalty

With the Queen's Diamond Jubilee this year and me being rather a fan of the Queen, I couldn't resist making a card for Her Majesty and sending it to her at Buckingham Palace.

I love putting images on to fabric and then embellishing them with stitch, so I thought I'd use this idea to make my card. I used a photograph from the Queen's Coronation (such a fabulous one) and then added tiny stitches and a small pearl bead. It was quite tricky knowing when to stop embellishing, so I went for the not too over the top approach!

Here's the finished result. I added a piece of calico under the main design that said "Happy and glorious" (I typed it on a vintage...and slightly wonky!...typewriter). So off it went to London, with me thinking no more about it, but hoping that the Queen would approve of handiwork.

Imagine my sheer delight when an envelope arrived on our doormat with a rather exciting insignia on it...yes, from Buckingham Palace! A reply from the Queen herself (well, sort of). Needless to say I'm rather proud of my post from the Queen and will certainly be showing Little Treasure when she's old enough to understand!


Murgatroyd said...

Absolutely splendid! x

Country Cottage Chic said...


Lois Parker said...

loveley stuff Katie, so clever

AnniD said...

Delightful. I love the way you just put a touch of embellishment!