Thursday, 26 April 2012

Experts, Queues and Fiona Bruce

I've always loved the Antiques Roadshow. I watched it with my parents when I was little and was always fascinated by the things that people brought along to be valued. "How exciting to go along", I used to think, "perhaps one day I'll take something to show the experts".

Well, today I got the chance to fulfill an ambition! The Antiques Roadshow had a filming day here in Cheltenham and so off I went.

I got to the Town Hall first thing and was surprised at how quickly I made it inside to the initial queue for Reception. I must admit, I didn't really know what to expect and had visions of spending all day in a queue! I was given a 'Miscellaneous' ticket and so off I went to join another queue.

I didn't find being in queues tedious at all. There was so much going on and I was quite happy people watching and expert spotting. Here's Paul Atterbury chatting to someone about their treasure.

Of course, the Antiques Roadshow wouldn't be the same without Fiona Bruce...and here's the lady herself getting ready to do some filming.

I found it fascinating to see what people had brought along. As I queued, I watched what was going on and caught snippets of the experts' valuations. Here's John Benjamin on the jewellery table.

I took a few things along to ask the experts about - a Japanese doll and embroidered chinese children's costume that my Grandfather brought back from his travels in the Merchant Navy in the 1920s and a mathematical measuring instrument, again with naval connections. I saw both Judith Miller and Jon Baddeley (pictured here) and found out all sorts about my treasures. I had a lovely long chat with Judith and came away with lots to tell everyone at home about.

Everywhere I looked there were cameras and people being filmed.
When I'd finished seeing Judith and Jon about the things I'd taken along I wandered about to soak up the atmosphere...and ended up standing behind this lady as she was filmed talking to expert Alastair Dickenson. Who knows, I may end up being on TV as one of those people that you see 'ooooing' and 'ahhhhing' in the the background!

The ever dellightful Henry and John Sandon.

The legend that is David Battie!

The stage in the Town Hall doubled as the holding area where lots of the bigger things that were going to be filmed were kept safe.

It was a fabulous experience and so exciting to see so many of the Roadshow's experts and how the programme's put together. I'll definitely be watching when this episode of the Antiques Roadshow is aired in the autumn!


Purrfect Haven said...

... loved the insight... thanks... maybe I might go forth and find I own a a fortune!? ha ha thanks for visiting us,Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

Purrfect Haven said...

.. me again... just to say (and I am quite sure you must know this) but you have 6 blogs to choose from in your name. I followed you back from your comment and searched for you in each... this one being the one that was active.. do keep in touch and I will continue to with you... Good luck with the revamp. Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

hensteeth said...

Having watched the Roadshow for what seems the whole of my life Katie...I did enjoy seeing the view from the other side. What a smashing day. Thank you for posting. x

Lois Parker said...

pictures of your treasures please