Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Chocs Away and Pip Pip!

A few weekends ago, the Treasure Family paid a visit to the Royal International Air Tattoo at Fairford...and what a fabulous day out we had! Mr Treasure likes all the modern aircraft, whereas I harbour a love of old aeroplanes, in particular those from the Second World War. The air displays throughout the day were really impressive...and really loud! The highlights for me were the Battle of Britain flights and the Red Arrows (above).

Hoorah for the red, white and blue! The Red Arrows' display was really breathtaking...they twisted and turned to what looked to be within a few inches of each other.

Little Treasure made a new friend!

There was so much to look at, we nearly missed the bit that ended up being the highlight of my day...the 1940s village. It was like stepping back in time!

Stepping through the air raid shelter lead to the refreshments tent...

...complete with all sorts of props to add to the atmosphere.

I always think there's something rather lovely about bunting and there was certainly a good show of it in here!

All this talk of the 1940s reminds me that I've just watched the last in the series of Tenko. It's been showing on the 'Yesterday' channel on TV and having been too little to watch it the first time around, I've really enjoying seeing it over the last few weeks! What a brilliant drama series it was...has anyone else seen it?


gill said...

I loved Tenko the first time around!
Does that make me really old???

Su said...

I loved it the first time round too! I didn't know it had been on recently. I didn't think I was really old.......!!!!

Sal said...

I would love to have come along to this! Looks like a great day out! I love the Yesterday channel...and Blighty! Glad Little Treasure is making friends. Hope she is doing well and you're enjoying life as a mum.
;-) xxx