Thursday, 20 January 2011

Tea, Cake and Textiles

One of the greatest things about doing the City and Guilds Embroidery course I went on was the friends I made. After two years of working, laughing and drinking endless cups of tea together, we couldn't bear the thought of all going our separate ways when the course ended. So a few of us did what lots of people in a similar situation do...we formed our own group! Calling ourselves 'The Wednesday Group' (because that was the day we went to college on), we now meet at each others' houses once a month to talk about all things stitch-related...and laugh alot, drink endless cups of tea and eat cake! Yesterday's get together was no exception...

The girls were adamant that they didn't want any 'off guard' photos, so they struck their best 'we're very engrossed in talking about textiles' poses!

Everyone always has something to share and we talk about everything from books and stitch techniques, to exhibitions and what we've been up to over the last month. It's really great to be with friends who all get excited about the same things...although he tries very hard, Mr Treasure doesn't truly understand the joys of a new piece of fabric or starting a new sketchbook!

There's always a great deal of jollity!

Tea and cake has become a very important element of group get togethers! We like to think it aids creativity!

We decided recently that it would be nice to all learn from one another. So yesterday some of us taught those who struggled with french knots the art of this rather addictive little stitch.

There were whoops of delight from around the table as french knots successfully appeared!

Being part of a group really is fabulous...not only do we all get to meet up with a bunch of great friends on a regular basis, it's also really inspiring. We set ourselves little projects and challenges each month and it's always fun to see how 8 people interpret the same theme in such different ways.

We're planning an exhibition of our work later this year, so I'll be sure to keep you posted!


Murgatroyd said...

A lovely post Katie (even if we do all appear to be derranged!!). I blame it on the cake sugar rush effect... I shall come in disguise to the next meeting ;)

A Bun Can Dance said...

Hello my lovely :-)
Oh your Wednesday group sounds just fabulous! Good for you in keeping the meetings going and setting yourselves challenges (I think that's the hardest part). And I'm a great fan of the addictive french knot - and fly stitch - I do love a bit of fly stitch ;-)
Such a wonderful post,
sending you a big hug,
Denise x

Vintage Tea Time said...

The Wednesday Group sounds great - lucky you! The cakes look good :)

Sandie's Patch said...

Sounds absolutley wonderful!

Sandie xx

Tonia said...

Creativity without cake? Not possible!

gill said...

What a great idea!
Looking forward to hearing more!