Saturday, 2 October 2010

Upstairs Downstairs

As the wind and rain lashed against the windows yesterday, I found myself thinking about a visit over the summer that Mr Treasure and I made to one of my favourite National Trust houses - Lanhydrock in Cornwall. I was busily sorting out my work room yesterday, but vowed to write a post about it over the, here we go...

I love Lanhydrock because it's filled with all sorts of glorious bits and pieces that appeal to my inner vintage magpie. I'm also fascinated by the stories of the people and way of life in these big country houses.

The kitchen is enormous and is beautifully light and airy. Now, I'm not much of a chef, but I think even I could be inspired to whip up something other than beans on toast in a space like this!
I think Lanhydrock's got a lovely lived in's as if everyone's just popped out and will be back any moment to carry on with life in the big house.

Wouldn't it be great if flour still came in tins?!

It was definitely a case of the 'downstairs' staff not being seen or heard as they went about their daily tasks.

I'm a bit of a sucker for vintage leather suitcases and they're everywhere at Lanhydrock!

When I was little I would have loved a dolls house this size... and a rocking horse! I do remember our local pharmacy having a rocking horse that you could sit on whilst you waited for your banana or strawberry flavoured antibiotics to be made up, but it wasn't the same as having one at home!

Gorgeous patchwork.

There's something really appealing about old packaging...

...and 'proper' linen tea towels.

Tucked away in amongst the servant's quarters is The Luggage Room. Perhaps my favourite room in the whole house...just look at all that fabulous vintage luggage!

The Drawing Room. It's so typically Victorian!

My Dad's attracted to old books like a moth to a flame, always has been! As a bookbinder himself, he likes to study the bindings and "ooo" and "ahh" over the gold tooling or marbled end papers. These are just some of the books in The Gallery at Lanhydrock.

I'd love to tickle these ivories...not that I can really play, I'm afraid I didn't stick at my piano lessons when I was growing up.

If you love big country houses and a a jolly good costume drama, don't forget to watch 'Downton Abbey' tomorrow night on ITV1!


Lyn said...

I went years ago but it was lovely looking at your photos, thankyou for sharing them.

Serendipitychild said...

Ah, I love Lanhydrok, I went there when we were on holiday in July! I love your photos, I didn't take any indide the house :(