Thursday, 12 August 2010

The Fabulous Forties

A couple of weekends ago I had a stall at WAVE's (Worcester Arts and Vintage Events) 1940s-themed vintage and craft fair at the Guildhall in Worcester.

I thought I'd share a few snapshots here, brought to you in glorious technicolor, that I took on the day!

Here's the rather impressive Guildhall, with it's railings all decked out in patriotic bunting.

There was a wonderful atmosphere inside the fair. The bunting, streamers, 1940's music and people dressed in forties attire really added to the overall effect!

Here's my stall, nestled amongst portraits of Worcester's former Mayors!

There were stalls bursting with everything from gorgeous homewares... fabulous vintage clothes.

Now, you just can't have a vintage fair without refreshments. Luckily rationing wasn't in operation and there were cakes aplenty!

There was even a homemade lemonade stall.

Mr Treasure, Mum and Dad spent the day at the fair too. They really were a fabulous support team and I couldn't have done it without them (I think they even secretly enjoyed themselves!) Here's mum (on the left) with Gill Bentley, another 1940's enthusiastic who we got chatting to. Mum and I were both very taken with Gill's fabulous hat!

I've always wanted to have my hair professionally styled into a 1940's do, so imagine my excitement when I discovered LeKeux Events were at the fair doing makeovers. Needless to say, I booked myself an appointment straight away!

The first stage was for my hair to be pin tucked... it had to be set. Time to catch up on a spot of reading!

Then, after about an hour manning my stall again, hairclips and all (!), I went back for the final twirls and pins to be added.

And here's the finished result. I was so pleased with it and certainly felt very glamorous!


Hen said...

What a great event, I wish I had known about this, thanks so much for the photos. Your hair looked absolutely wonderful. No matter how I try, I can never achieve the 40's hair!
Hen x

Lyn said...

You look great! The stall looks good too!!
Hope you did well on the day, it looks like my sort of event.

The Little Vintage Company said...

Your hair looks gorgeous, the 1940's look really suits you! The fair looks like it was great fun!
Tamzin X

Country Cottage Chic said...

It looks like a lovely event & you look wonderful with your 40's "do"!
Maybe we should ask the m along to our next Textile & Fashion fair?


The Vintage Knitter said...

I've never heard of WAVE before and I'll have to look out for the next event as the fair looks brilliant and I love the 40s too. Your hair do looks just the part and goes so well with your dress - very wartime chic!

Murgatroyd said... look amazing! Darn, I'd forgotten about this. I would have come along if I'd remembered. Stall looks fab too! ;)

Heidi said...

Your Beautiful, I love your hair! I have always wanted to do that and all the incredible things to buy... what a great day!!

Quilt it & Dotty said...

You look so pretty. What a great day you must have had.


Donna said...

Oh Katie you look stunning! What a great event it looked like a lot of fun :-)

hensteeth said...

I missed you not being at Homespun Katie.
I have been to a WAVE event held in the church just up the way...but this looks even look perfect in the picture...truly lovely.

Purrfect Haven said...

wow YOU look fabulous and 40s is YOU.... everything works. Lovely post. Helenx

Busy Lizzie said...

you really suit the look (as I said about 5 mins ago) Clare and I are having a makeover stand at our fair & I really would love to have my hair done in 40's style if there is time on the day!